Hemp production company

Hempfield is company dedicated to offer hemp food products for your production, brand or clients. We have strong focus towards hemp seeds and produce products only from it.

Company was established right after Hemp growing in Lithuania was decriminalized in 2013. We have been local pioneers in this niche and have accumulated a lot of experience since. In 2015 we have built new production plant in Ringaudai, Kaunas district.

In 2016 our plant was certified to produce organic products under EU organic food legislation. In 2017 second stage of production plant development is made, increasing our facilities capacity about 3 times, enabling us to increase export and satisfy rising demand for hemp products. In 2018 our company received GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and ISO 22000:2018 (Food safety management system) certificates. Quality and food safety policy in Lithuanian

Working only with experienced, trust-worthy and well-equipped local farmers and being able to monitor whole production process  we can assure good quality food products. Every product is later analysed in authorized laboratories.