Hemp seeds Hemp seed Oil Shelled Hemp seeds Hemp Flour Hemp Protein

Hemp seed processing

We  can offer service of processing goods from external sources, your supplied seeds. We can produce :

Hemp oil
Shelled hemp seeds
Hemp protein
Hemp cake
Hemp flour
Hemp protein

Please contact us for further inquiries.

Private labeling

We are ready to pack our products in your chosen design or even create or apply design for your needs. We can offer both price-sensitive solutions or package that fully represent quality products packed inside. Please contact us for further inquiries.


Our new plant in Kaunas district was built in 2015 according to all EU health legislations. There are regular inspections from governmental agencies keeping sure that everything is produced under strict quality control policies. All our products are certified with European union organic food certificate. In 2018 our production plant received ISO 22000:2005 (Food safety management) and GMP (Good manufacturing practice) certificates.

In 2014 our hemp oil was awarded with one of the most prestigious local awards of “Agrobalt” gold medal for novelty product. Also we have been continuously certified as Lithuanian heritage fund members, producing products based on receipts of our ancestors.

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